Nathalie Reuter

BFS-project: “Structural bioinformatics of proteins: From the atomic level to the pathophysiological function”
Period: 2009-2014
Department: Department of Molecular Biology

Nathalie Reuter is Professor at the Department of Molecular Biology and affiliated to the Computational Biology Unit. She completed her MSc and PhD in computational and theoretical chemistry at the University Henri Poincaré in Nancy (France). She then moved to Germany thanks to a postdoctoral fellowship from the Max Planck Society to work in the group of Prof.Dr. Walter Thiel (Muelheim-an-der-Ruhr). In 2001 she became a researcher at the French national institute for health and medical research (INSERM). She left in 2003 to join the Computational Biology Unit of the University of Bergen where she has since then been leading a research group . Their most recent work focuses on proteins that operate when bound to the membranes of cells or organelles. They are also heavily involved in drug design and development, particularly targeting chronic inflammatory diseases where they combine their expertise in computational biology to biochemical and biophysical assay.