Marco Hirnstein

BFS-project: Stimulation of the Brain (FLaSH)
Period: 2016-2020
Institute: Department of Biological and Medical Psychology
Faculty of Psychology


Dr. Marco Hirnstein is the leader of the “FLaSH” research group (ForskningsLab for Stimuleringav Hjernen) and in charge of the brain stimulation facilities at the Department of Biological andMedical Psychology. He studied psychology at the Ruhr-University of Bochum (Germany) be-fore he began his PhD at the University of Durham (UK) in 2007. After he gained a grant fromthe German Research Foundation, he continued as an independent postdoctoral research fel-low at Durham University. Marco started a second postdoc position at the University of Bergenin 2011 and was a guest researcher at the University of Wisconsin-Madison (USA) in 2014. InJanuary 2020, Marco was appointed Professor in biological psychology.Marco’s main interest are non-invasive brain stimulation methods like transcranial magnetic or direct current stimulation and how they can be used in research, for treating mental disor-ders, and neurosurgical planning. He is also interested in how socio-cultural, biological, and psychological factors interact and give rise to cognitive sex/gender differences and similarities. Finally, he investigates why the left and right brain hemispheres are specialized for different functions and what the consequences are when this specialization fails.”