Erik Tonning

BFS-project: “Modernism and Christianity”
Period: 2011-2014
Department: Department of Foreign Languages

Dr ERIK TONNING was Research Director of the BFS-project ‘Modernism and Christianity’ in the period 2011-14. He completed an undergraduate degree at Bergen (1999) and an MA at Oslo (2001), before going on to the University of Oxford for his DPhil (2006). He has held a Norwegian Research Council postdoctoral grant (2006-2009) for a project on ‘Samuel Beckett and Christianity’, and has also been affiliated with the Oxford Centre for Christianity and Culture at Regent’s Park College (2005-2010). In 2010, he held a Tutorial Fellowship at Regent’s Park College, Oxford, before starting his new post in Bergen in January 2011.

Today, Tonning is a professor at the University of Bergen.