Charalampos Tzoulis

TMS-project:Using Multidimensional Integration of Biological Systems to Unravel the Pathogenesis of Parkinson’s Disease
Period: 2017-2021
Department: Department of Clinical Medicine

Charalampos Tzoulis MD, PhD, is a consultant neurologist and leader of the research group Translational Science in Neurodegeneration and Aging (TSNA) at Haukeland University Hospital and the University of Bergen, Norway. Clinically, he specializes in neurogenetic and neurodegenerative disorders including ataxia, dystonia and Parkinson’s disease. His research team is dedicated to the study of human aging and neurodegeneration with a particular focus on Parkinson’s disease. His mission and long-term aims are to elucidate the mechanisms underlying age-related brain disorders and to design therapies preventing neurodegeneration.

Charalampos Tzoulis was born in Athens, Greece in 1979. He received his medical degree from Albert Szent-Györgyi Medical University of Szeged, Hungary in 2003. He subsequently trained in neurology at Haukeland University Hospital in Bergen, Norway and received his PhD degree from the University of Bergen in 2010.