Foto: Melanie Burford

How we work

Trond Mohn Foundation (TMS) endeavours to strengthen Norwegian research by developing good programmes and allocation processes. The Foundation aims for top international research quality.

What role should the Foundation’s funding play?

TMS wishes to trigger and strengthen well-founded initiatives in cooperation with Norwegian research institutions. TMS funding is therefore exclusively awarded as co-funding and to major initiatives that are clearly a priority for the institutions themselves.

TMS funding shall make a clear difference, by, for example, enabling measures to be realised that would otherwise not have been possible. TMS prioritises initiatives with positive effects for society. TMS and the expert communities have a joint responsibility to highlight the difference TMS funding makes (please find our profil elements here).

How to apply for funding from the Foundation

The Foundation contacts relevant partners itself, either directly and/or indirectly through calls for applications. In both cases, the process leading up to a possible allocation comprises a number of steps, generally as follows: call for applications/invitation to apply, consideration of applications with external quality assurance, meetings/interviews and signing of agreement. TMS has appointed an advisory committee to assist with quality assurance. The Foundation also seeks advice and evaluations from independent experts. The process will be adapted to the project, and will be specified in the call for applications or made clear to the relevant applicants.

We contact relevant partners ourselves about potential new initiatives and also hold annual calls for applications. See calls for applications here.