Trond Mohn Foundation

The Bergen Research Foundation marks its fifteenth anniversary by changing its name to the Trond Mohn Foundation. The foundation has awarded NOK 1 billion to research institutions in Norway since 2004.

‘On our fifteenth anniversary, we honour our founder, whose generous donations, has made it possible for the foundation to support forward-looking research to the benefit of society,’ says Chair of the Board Stener Kvinnsland. ‘The foundation’s name as of today is the Trond Mohn Foundation.’

The foundation recently launched a national research programme on antimicrobial resistance amounting to NOK 80 million bringing its research support to more than NOK 1 billion. The University of Bergen (UiB) and Helse Bergen health trust have been the primary beneficiaries. In recent years, other institutions in Norway that cooperate with institutions in Bergen have also received funding.

‘Giving is the greatest gift,’ says Trond Mohn
One of Norway’s most successful industrialists has also become the country’s greatest philanthropist.
‘It is a great pleasure to see the donations contribute to building expert environments in Bergen and across Norway,’ says Trond Mohn.

‘The foundation has developed in the direction we hoped for. The donations stimulate young talent, and provide the research environments the opportunity to do something extraordinary for Bergen and Norway. We emphasise quality, cooperation, healthy competition and usefulness to the public and society at large,’ says Trond Moen.

‘Gifts that make a difference,’ says Stener Kvinnsland
‘The Trond Mohn Foundation is unique in Norway. I have seen for myself how much of a difference Trond Mohn and the foundation can make. The lives of numerous patients have improved, and Norwegian research has progressed to the very forefront of international research. After many years in the public health service, I now spend most of my time and capacity as Chair of the board of the Trond Mohn Foundation,’ says Stener Kvinnsland.

‘Novel technologies opens up new possibilities for research,’ says Sveinung Hole
The foundation funds research that aims to tackle national and global social challenges, and is concerned with connecting old and new fields in large-scale projects.

‘We take social challenges and the research institutions’ own priorities as our point of departure. All our work is carried out in the spirit of Trond Mohn and with deep respect for social structures and freedom of research. In the end, quality is what matters. We’re here to help and to make things happen that would not otherwise have been possible,’ says Sveinung Hole, CEO of the Trond Mohn Foundation.

Facts about the Trond Mohn foundation
The Trond Mohn Foundation is the biggest non-profit foundation that funds research in Norway. The foundation funds research in numerous fields and employs a long-term perspective to its donations. The foundation’s funding is combined with public research grants and can account for up to 50% of the costs in individual projects.

The Trond Mohn Foundation’s activities are based on donations from Trond Mohn, Marit Mohn and Frederik Mohn. At the start of 2019, the foundation’s capital totalled NOK 2.7 billion. Donations are funded by the return of this capital over time.

The foundation awards funding to the University of Bergen and Helse Bergen health trust, as well as to other institutions in Norway that cooperate with institutions in Bergen.

The Trond Mohn Foundation is based in Bergen and has seven employees. The foundation’s board has six members and two deputies, and is chaired by Emeritus Professor dr. med Stener Kvinnsland.