Trond Mohn foundation 15 years – professor Bodil Holst

In 2019, the foundation is celebrating its first 15 years. In a series of articles the University of Bergen (UiB)  will present six of the candidates who have become professors at UiB through the foundation’s and the university’s long-standing program / collaboration: Starting grant program. The program will assist UiB in recruiting outstanding young researchers to UiB. The first Starting Grant candidates started in 2007, and so far 39 outstanding young research leaders have been recruited through the scheme. 22 of these have now become professors, 17 at the University of Bergen.

In this presentation professor Bodil Holst at the Department of Physics and Technology, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences. She started her Starting Grant project in 2007. Bodil Holst was the first person to receive the TFS Starting Grant. Read Jens H. Ådnanes’ article about her experience with the program and on her work on developing a new microscope technique, using neutral atoms as an imaging probe.

Ingress photo: Ingvild Festervold Melien / UiB