Research in the wake of the pandemic: Invitation to seminar #2


The Research Council, the Norwegian Cancer Society and Trond Mohn Foundation will organize a seminar series in the period 2020–2022. We hope to contribute to an academic COVID-19 community with sharing of best practice, inspire communication of the research results between the project leaders and the public, lower the threshold for interdisciplinary cooperation and facilitate dialogue with relevant people of the authorities.

The program for the second seminar in the seminar series Covid-19: research in the wake of the pandemic, is open for registration:

Seminar #2: March 24: Insight in medical research and economic consequences


kl 9:30-11:30

Deputy director of the Norweigan directorate of health, Espen R. Nakstad will participate in the seminar.

Introduction round (3-5 minutes teasers):

A: Ludvig Munthe: Defining the immune cells that correlate with fatal acute lung injury in COVID-19 and in two clinical trials for severe disease
A: Kristin Hofsø: Survival rates and long-term outcomes for patients with COVID-19 admitted to Norwegian ICUs
A: Rebecca Cox: COVID-19 infection in healthcare workers and the general population

Q/A –  short dialog

B: Per Olav Skjervold: Målstyrt COVID-19 behandling ved hjelp av nøytraliserende antistoff
B: Cathrine Hadley: PREDCOV – Blood test to predict the severity of COVID-19

Q/A – short dialog

C: Lasse B. Lien: COVID-19 and Human Capital: Cataclysm and Catalyzer
C: Erling Barth: Labor Demand in Crisis and Recovery
C: Simen Markussen: The corona crisis and its economic consequences

Q/A – short dialog

Parallel sessions, 3 alternatives. Here, the project will be presented more in detail, and it will be possibilities to have a dialog with the PIs:
A: Medcal research B: Innovation Project Involving Public-Private Collaboration (BIA-X)   C: Economical consequences