Stian Knappskog

BFS-project: Identifying genetic mechanisms of resistance to chemotherapy in human cancer
Period: 2015-2019
Department: Department of Clinical Science

Dr. Stian Knappskog completed his engineers education in 1999 and his MSc in 2003. He has since then been focusing his research on the molecular and genetic mechanisms causing some cancer cells to become resistant to chemotherapy. He completed his PhD in 2007 and has performed post doctoral work at the University of Bergen and the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Cambridge, UK.

He has held several major grants from the Norwegian Research Council, the Norwegian Cancer Society and the Norwegian Health Region West. In 2016 he received the young scientist of the year – award by the Norwegian Oncology forum, and is currently a Senior Research Fellow at the University of Bergen and laboratory manager of the Mohn Cancer Research Laboratory.