Other competence projects

The foundation has, in various ways, focused on competence since its inception; own programs, such as the Bergen Medical Research Foundation’s recruitment scheme, and as part of thematic initiatives such as particle therapy, bioinformatics and mathematics. The latest venture is a career development program for participants in the TMS Starting Grant program.

TMS-UiB’s Career development program

The program was established to ensure that young research leaders recruited with support from the Trond Mohn Foundation receive good project support, exchange best practices, develop as leaders and establish a local strong academic and social network so that they can exploit their academic potential at UiB. The program arrange meetings with various topics such as communication, recruitment and personnel management, financial management etc. As part of the networking, former participants in the TFS Starting Grant program will be invited to an annual meeting.

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BMFS’s recruitment program

The Bergen Medical Research Foundation (BMFS), which merged with the Bergen Research Foundation 1.1.2014, has during the period 2006 – 2013 supported research in the intersection between basic science and clinical medical activities – so-called “translational research” at the University of Bergen and Helse Bergen HF. Including measures to strengthen the recruitment of particularly qualified researchers for medical research in Bergen. From the start in 2004 and until the merger in 2014, the foundation distributed over NOK 143 million to medical research and equipment.

The BMFS recruitment program has contributed to the following recruits:

Vibeke Andresen, Molecular Targeted Therapy in Acute Myeloid Leukemia, NOK 1.100.000 anually for 3 years
Kimberley Joanne Hatfield, Characterization of metabolic phenotypes and signaling pathways in acute myeloid leukemia and their role in anti-leukemia treatment, NOK 1.100.000 anually for 3 years
Camilla Krakstad, Improved treatment based on molecular alterations in endometrial cancer, NOK 1.100.000 anually for 3 years

Wibrand, Karin; Noncoding RNA in synaptic plasticity and disease, NOK 1.100.000 anually for 3 years.
Wang, Xiang; Cell-cell interactions during apoptosis of cancer cells, NOK 1.100.000 anually for 3 years.

Enger, Martha; Targeting NG2 as a therapy for human Brain Tumours,  NOK 1.100.000 anually for 3 years
Knapskog, Stian; Impact of MDM2 Promoter Polymorphisms on Cancer Risk, NOK 1.100.000 anually for 3 years.
Svanes, Cecilie; COPD, Asthma and Allergy in Three Generations and Relation to Environmental and Lifestyle Factors, NOK 1.100.000 anually for 3 years.
Eikesdal, Hans PetterThe Role of PTEN and Pseudo PTEN in Response to Breast Cancer Therapy, NOK 1.100.000 anually for 3 years.

Gudbrandsen, Oddrun Anita; Identification of Genes Regulating the Rapid Glycemic Control Induced by Bariatric Surgery, NOK 1.100.000 anually for 3 years
Høl, Paul Johan; Clinical biomaterials: Contributing to improved performance and safety of implants, NOK 1.100.000 anually for 3 years
Håvik, Bjarte; Brain-expressed Immune Genes in Cognition and Mental Illnesses: Development and Characterization of New Models, NOK 1.100.000 anually for 3 years
Kuipers, Sjouke Daouia; BDNF and Neurogenesis in Mood Disorders: ARCing the Gap from Psychopathology to Treatment, NOK 1.100.000 anually for 3 years
Wang, Jian; The role of stromal cells in brain tumors after radiotherapy, NOK 1.100.000 anually for 3 years
Wolff, Anette Susanne Bøe; Revealing mechanisms of pathological autoimmunity by studying a monogenic autoimmune disease, NOK 1.100.000 anually for 3 years

News about some of these fundings at UiB’s web pages.

Lise Gundersen; A translational approach to targeted treatment of diabetes: A node on structural and functional aspects of glucokinase within the Bergen Diabetes Research Group, NOK 1.050.000 anually for 3 years
Daniela Elena Costea; Characterization of oral cancer stroma – validation of its molecular signature as prognostic factor and for therapeutic intervention, NOK 1.050.000 anually for 3 years
Hrvoje Miletic; Role of EGFR in modulation of cancer stem cell-like and angiogenic brain tumor phenotypes, NOK 232.000 anually for 3 years
Tomas Eagen; Inflammation and Infection in Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease – A Large Cohort Study, NOK 1.050.000 anually for 3 years
Xisong Ke; Genome-wide RNA Interference Screen for Molecular Therapeutic Targets of Prostate Carcinogenesis and Metastasis, NOK 1.050.000 anually for 3 years

News about some of these funds at UiB’s web pages.


Other competence related projects supported by BMFS

Internationalization: Food Hypersensitivity and Functional Gastrointestinal Disorders, Gülen Arslan, kr 250.000.

Internationalization, Biomedical Screening of Mithochondrial Properties and Redox Status in Living Cells – a High Content Approach, Karl Johan Tronstad, kr 200.000.
Internationalization, MedVis, Odd Helge Gilja, kr 200.000

Øyvind Halskau; start-up, NOK 200.000

For more information on competence-building measures related to TMS thematic initiatives – see here.


The TMS Starting Grant career development program in brief

Period: 2019-2022

All active TMS-starting grant holders are invited to participate in the program. In addition, two other grant holders related to large TMS projects are invited to participate.

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The BMFS recruitement program in brief

Period: 2009-2013

20 scientists were recruited through the program. 10 are now professors at UiB.

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