Nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR)

The Trond Mohn Foundation is part of a team effort comprising a number of contributors made it possible for the Department of Chemistry at the University of Bergen to purchase a new 600 MHz NMR. The new NMR was installed and put into operation in the autumn of 2017.


It will replace an older version and will ensure stable operation. The instrument is particularly well suited for long series of biological samples, particularly for medical metabolomics studies. Examples of projects in the field of medicine are early identification of risks or the development of lifestyle diseases and identifying the factors that drug treatment, nutrition and behavioural factors linked to lifestyle can influence. In concrete terms, the instrument will be used to study obesity in children – how physical activity and diet promote good development of cognitive and physical functions in children. Another example is Type 2 diabetes, where precursors and risk can be assessed and, if possible, prevented.

‘The purchase is funded through a team effort with substantial contributions from the Bergen Research Foundation, the University of Bergen and two health trusts. A big thank you to all those who have contributed!’ Head of Department Knut Børve in Kjemi-nytt


The donation in brief:

Year: 2017
Donation: 4 MNOK
Project leader: Professor Olav M. Kvalheim

Recipient: University of Bergen

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