Medical visualisation

With funding from Bergen Research Foundation, Helse Bergen health trust and the University of Bergen have jointly established a Medical Imaging and Visualisation Centre with effect from 1 January 2017. The Foundation also helps to fund a tenure track position in medical visualisation at the Department of Informatics.

The centre is the result of interdisciplinary collaboration between the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry, the Faculty of Psychology and Helse Bergen health trust. The centre is located at Helse Bergen’s Radiology Department, and Eli Renate Grüner has been appointed head of centre.

The centre’s long-term goal is for research results to benefit patients through more accurate diagnoses and safer treatment using modern equipment. In connection with the establishment of the centre, CEO of Helse Bergen health trust Eivind Hansen said:

‘We see it as strategically important to establish a centre to further develop and build on the expertise and resources developed by our research communities over several years.’

Bergen Research Foundation will support this medical visualisation initiative with a total grant of NOK 40.6 million over a period of five years, NOK 6 million of which is earmarked for a new tenure track (associate professor) position at the Department of Informatics. NOK 34.6 million will be allocated to the operation of the centre, including 3 research projects. In addition, the University of Bergen and Helse Bergen health trust will contribute substantial resources in the form of both staff and infrastructure.

The new research projects will have an important place in the centre’s work. The process of selecting the research projects that will form the core of the centre’s activities in the start-up period has been completed, and 3 projects will be funded.

Tenure track position at the Department of Informatics

Noeska Smit joins the group from Delft University of Technology (TU Delft) and took up the position as associate professor in the field of medical visualisation at the Department of Informatics on 1 January 2017.

The Visualization Group at the Department of Informatics employs advanced computer graphics and modern graphics hardware to achieve cutting-edge visualization for improved insight into data, leading to knowledge crystallisation and improved decision-making. The group is active in the field of computational medicine – a research field that is experiencing strong growth.


The Medical Imaging and Visualization Centre celebrated its official opening in December 2017.


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The Medical Imaging and Visualisation Centre in brief:

Project period: 2017-2021
Acting head: Ingfrid Haldorsen
Recipient: Haukeland University Hospital.

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The tenure track position in brief:

Project period: 2017-2022

Recipient: University of Bergen


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