The mathematics programme

The programme ia a cooperation between Trond Mohn foundation, Tromsø research foundation, the University of Bergen, the University of Oslo, Norwegian University of Science and Technology and the University of Tromsø, to contribute to strengthen and developing research in pure mathematics in Norway. The programme tools are strategic recruitment and  cooperative support projects.

The mathematics programme consists of two components; cooperative support for researchers in pure mathematics in Norway and a strategic recruitment component to support recruiting one outstandingyoung researcher in pure mathematics at each of the universities in the programme.  Both components are based on recommendations from the evaluation of mathematics in Norway by the Norwegian Research Council.

Cooperative support
This component is designed to strengthen the research in pure mathemetics in Norway through national and international research cooperation, mobility schemes by the activities described below:

  1. Networking and cooperation for Norwegian mathematicians
    • Yearly meeting
    • Common seminars/TMS/TFS colloqviums
    • National mobility schemes
  2. Activities for students
    • Courses for PhD-students
    • Summer-/winter schools for PhD- and master students
    • Mobility schemes for PhD-students
    • Stipends for PhD-students participation at  International Congress of Mathematicians or European Congress of Mathematicians
  3. International activities and exchange
    • Workshops and meetings
    • TMS/TFS guest professorships
    • International mobility schemes

More informastion about this component.

Recruitment component 
The aim with this component is to give an outstanding young researcher in pure mathematics good terms to build and lead a research group at each of the universities in the program. Program persiod is 4 years with possibilities for a 2 year’s prolongation.

The four young research leaders were selected after an international evaluation of the nominees and their research plans. The following candidates were selected to join the programme:


The mathematics programme in short

Start-up: 2018
Period: 4 years (+ eventually 2 år)

Cooperative support
Project leader: Sigmund Selberg, UiB
Project web page
Total budget: 30,4 MNOK

  • TMS-support: 11,6 MNOK
  • TFS-support: 3,1 MNOK (can be gift inforced (RCN))
  • UiB, UiO, NTNU, UiT: 15,7 MNOK

Recruitment component
Total budget: 64,7 MNOK

Project leader: Didier Pilod, UiB
Project web page
TMS-support: 7,8 MNOK
UiB- support: 10 MNOK

Project leader: Krisynm-, Shaw, UiO
Project web page
TMS-support: 8 MNOK
UiO – support: 9 MNOK

Project leader: Drew Heard, NTNU
Prosjektets nettside
TMS – support: 6,7 MNOK
NTNU – support: 11,5 MNOK

Project leader: Cordian Riener, UiT
TFS-support: 6,4 MNOK (can be gift inforced (RCN))
UiT – support: 6,6 MNOK



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