Photo: Paul S. Amundsen

Karl M. Laundal

TMS-project: What shapes space?
Project period: 2020-2024
Host department: Department of Physics and Technology

What Shapes Space? is a Trond Mohn starting grant project, led by Karl Laundal. The project investigates the time scales of large-scale changes in geospace, and how these time scales differ between hemispheres. To do this, we use a range of different datasets: Images of the aurora taken from space, magnetometer measurements from space and ground, radar measurements from ground, particle measurements from space, etc. We are also working on the development of tools to merge such diverse measurements to form a complete picture of the dynamics in near Earth space.

The project is led by Karl Laundal. Other team members are Spencer Hatch (researcher), Sara Gasparini (PhD student), and Margot Decotte (PhD student). The team is part of the Dynamics of the Asymmetric Geospace group of the Birkeland Center for Space Science.