Foto: Melanie Burford


From 2005 to 2007, the Foundation focused on internationalisation. This focus enables many researchers to become involved in strong international networks and collaborate across borders.


Astri Andresen (Medical history) and Eystein Jansen (Climate Research) got 2 years funding respectively NOK 816.000 and 988.000.


To internatisation purposes the foundation gave NOK 1 mill to the project Strengthening competence in molecular systematics and molecular analyze methods to Christoffer Schander, Department of Biology, S. Ekman, Department of Biology, E. Willassen and I. Byrkjedal, both from Bergen Museum.
Gülen Arslan, was awarded NOK 250.000 for the project Food Hypersensitivity and Functional Gastrointestinal Disorders.


The project Biomedical Screening of Mithochondrial Properties and Redox Status in Living Cells – a High Content Approach,  lead by Karl Johan Tronstad, Department of biomedicine, was awarded NOK 200 000 to support internationalisation.
Odd Helge Gilja, was awarded 200.000 to international research cooperation related to MedVis,
Lars Svåsand, Department of cooperative politics,  was awarded 1 MNOK  to supportinternationalisation of the project: Electoral Processes and Political Parties in New Democracies
Ernst Nordtveit, The faculty of Law, was awarded 1 MNOK to: Internationalization Programme in Property Law

UiB’s action plan for international activity at UiB 2007-2009 read as follows: ‘The overriding goal of increased internationalisation is to promote quality in the execution of UiB’s main tasks…’


The programme in brief:

Programme period: 2005-2007
Donation: 5.454 MNOK