NEW: JOHN-ARNE RØTTINGEN represents  the authorities  on the closing SEMINAR, Sept 08 2022 

In 2020, the Research Council of Norway announced three emergency calls for proposals related to the COVID-19 pandemic. The purpose of these was to contribute to the response to the COVID-19 outbreak. As a result researchers supported by our funding are now investigationg what will make us capable of understanding and limiting the COVID-19 pandemic by improving patient treatment, the public health response, stimulating innovation, studying economic and labor market related consequences and contributing to a more efficient response both to this pandemic and possible future outbreaks. 

The initiative is a cooperation between the Research Council of Norway, the Norwegian Cancer Society and Trond Mohn Foundation, resulting in funding for a total amount of NOK 190 million. The Norwegian Cancer Society is contributing with NOK 8 million to cancer-related projects and Trond Mohn Foundation is supporting six of the projects with NOK 30 million. The three emergency calls  have awarded funding to 48 projects in total, with funding from several ministeries. 

The Research Council, the Norwegian Cancer Society and Trond Mohn Foundation will organize a seminar series in the period 2020–2022. We hope to contribute to an academic COVID-19 community with sharing of best practice, inspire communication of the research results between the project leaders and the public, lower the threshold for interdisciplinary cooperation and facilitate dialogue with relevant people of the authorities.

Seminar format:

Each seminar has an overall theme, and eight investigators from the funded projects present their research at each seminar. The program will include the following elements:
1.      A brief presentation of the project 
2.      Breakout sessions were the projects and the results will be discussed in dialogue with other researchers.
3.      Dialog between principal investigators and a representative from the authorities.  

The target audience for the seminar is the principal investigators of the other projects and their research teams and partners, i.e. a broad group of professionals sharing your expertise.  

All principal investigators will be invited to present their project in one of the seminars.

Closing Conference

Sept 8 2022: Title: TBD 

John-Arne Røttingen, photo: UD

John-Arne Røttingen, Norway’s global health ambassador, will attend the seminar 

The seminars will be held on the following dates:

Seminar 1 – December 17 2020 Public health response and social countermeasures
Seminar 2 – March 24 2021 Insight in medical research and economic consequences
Seminar 3 – September 29 2021 Individual and societal needs during a pandemic: lessons learned?
Seminar 4 – January 18 2022 Pandemic Management: adaptation and resilience in response to an outbreak

Concluding conference: September 8 2022

The active projects

The projects are  within the topics Democracy, administration and renewal, Global development and international relations, Economic and Labour-market Consequences of the COVID-19 Pandemic for Norwegian Business and Working Life and innovation projects with the topics Industry and services.

Short project descriptions and contact information for all the project can be found here.

For questions about the seminars:

The Research Counsil of Norway: Simona Grasso  phone + 463 78 332                       Trond Mohn Foundation: Oddveig Åsheim , phone + 47 41 66 31 64



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