Here you will find all the program from the seminar series. Programs and booklets will be uploaded to this page when the seminar has been carried out.

Seminar #4

18. januar 2022: Pandemic Management: adaptation and resilience in response to an outbreak 

VIDEO: See recording of the seminar here

Egil Matsen, head of the Norwegian Corona Commision, will attend the seminar in dialog with the PIs and the participants.

Presentation (8 minutes per project):



Adaptation and resilience to a pandemic outbreak – Dialog between the head of the Corona commision, Egil Matsen, department director in the Norwegian Research Foundation Ole Johan Borge, head of section in the Norwegian Cancer Association  Marianne Minge and chairman in the Trond Mohn Foundation Sveinung Hole.

Meet the speaker – three digital rooms where you can meet the PIs from each session for a chat. 


Individual and societal needs during a pandemic: lessons learned?

VIDEO: See the recording of the seminar here

kl 9:30-12:30
Stener Kvinnsland, leader of Coronavirus Commission, first period, participates at the seminar in dialog with the presenters and the participants

Presentations (10 minutes per project):

Session 1

Session 2

Session 3

Parallell sessions


March 24 2021: Medical research and economical consequences

See the recordng of the seminar here (parallel A: Medical Research, parallel B: Innovative projects, parallel C: Economical consequences)

Deputy director of the Norweigan directorate of health, Espen R. Nakstad will participate in the seminar.

Introduction round (3-5 minutes teasers):

A: Ludvig Munthe: Defining the immune cells that correlate with fatal acute lung injury in COVID-19 and in two clinical trials for severe disease
A: Kristin Hofsø: Survival rates and long-term outcomes for patients with COVID-19 admitted to Norwegian ICUs
A: Rebecca Cox: COVID-19 infection in healthcare workers and the general population

Q/A –  short dialog

B: Per Olav Skjervold: Målstyrt COVID-19 behandling ved hjelp av nøytraliserende antistoff
B: Cathrine Hadley: PREDCOV – Blood test to predict the severity of COVID-19

Q/A – short dialog

C: Lasse B. Lien: COVID-19 and Human Capital: Cataclysm and Catalyzer
C: Erling Barth: Labor Demand in Crisis and Recovery
C: Simen Markussen: The corona crisis and its economic consequences

Q/A – short dialog

Parallel sessions, 3 alternatives. Here, the project will be presented more in detail, and it will be possibilities to have a dialog with the PIs:
A: Medcal research B: Innovation Project Involving Public-Private Collaboration (BIA-X)   C: Economical consequences  


December 17 2020: Public health response and social countermeasures

See the recording of the seminar  here. The seminar booklet where you can read about the seminar, presenters, panel guests and moderators can be found here

H 9:30-11:30
First group of introductions
(3-5 minutes teasers):

Bjørn Sætrevik: Perceived Risk and Precautions during a Pandemic Outbreak
Øyvind Ihlen: Pandemic Rhetoric, Trust and Social Media: Risk Communication Strategies and Public Reactions in a Changing Media Landscape (PAR-TS)
Jose Julio Gonzalez: Systemic Pandemic Risk Management
Hossein Baharmand: COvid19 Network Technology based Responsive Action

Panel discussion (20 min) Trond Viggo Torgersen will lead a panel discussion with Camilla Stoltenberg, director of Norwegian Institute of Public Health and the project leaders Øyvind Ihlen, professor at the University of Oslo and Kristin Sørung Scharffscher, associate professor at the University of Stavanger.

Second group of introductions (3-5 minutes teasers):

Jo RøislienCOVID communication: Fighting a pandemic through translating science
Jason D. Whittington: COVID-19 Seasonality: The effect of environmental variation on the spatio-temporal dynamics at national, regional and global scales
F. Le Ron ShultsEmotional Contagion (EmotiCon): Predicting and preventing the spread of misinformation, stigma, and anxiety during a pandemic
Birgitte Freiesleben de Blasio: COVID-19 in Norway: A real-time analytical pipeline for preparedness, planning and response during the COVID-19 pandemic in Norway

Breakout session (60 min )