Call for nominations – TFS’ and BFS’ research programme in nuclear medicine/PET

This programme is open for the universities and university hospitals in Tromsø, Trondheim and Bergen. Bergens Research Foundation (BFS) and Tromsø Research Foundation (TFS) jointly calls for three collaborative research projects, each targting one of the following themes previously identified in dialogue with the institutions and relevant to the equipment donated by Trond Mohn, BFS and TFS.

PET radiopharmaceuticals: Coordinated from Bergen
Clinical studies: Coordinated from Trondheim
Preclinical studies: Coordinated from Tromsø

Read more about the programme in the call text.

The nomination/application must contain:

  • A research plan (template)
  • A budget (template)
  • Confirmation letters from the institution involved

Application language is English. The application/nomination will be evaluated by international experts.

Please send the application in ONE (1) PDF-file to and within noon Friday April 6th 2018.

If you have any question please contact Oddveig Åsheim: phone +47 41 66 31 64, oddveig.asheim@bfstiftelse orUnn Sørum: phone +47 91633850,