Foto: Eirin Larsen/NRK

BFS and TFS focus on Nuclear Medicine and PET

On , June 1 2018, Prime Minister Erna Solberg and investor Trond Mohn will visit Tromsø for the opening of the new A-wing and PET Center at the University Hospital of Northern Norway (UNN). Trond Mohn has donated substantionalgifts to the new PET center.

At the opening, three research proposals from universities and university hospitals in Tromsø, Bergen and Trondheim will be handed over to Tromsø Research Foundation and Bergen Research Foundation. See the call here.

This research program encourages national research collaboration and optimal utilization of the medical equipment donated by Trond Mohn, Tromsø Research Foundation and the Bergen Research Foundation to these three cities. The quality of the proposed research projects will be evaluated by international experts before the foundations make their decisions.

Ingress photo: Eirin Larsen/NRK