180°N inviterer til Høstseminar 1. oktober

Samarbeidsprosjektet innen nukleærmedisin, 180°N, inviterer til høstseminar fredag 1. oktober kl 9-11:30

9.00 Welcome by Tom Christian Holm Adamsen
9.10 Updates from Trondheim (moderator Tone F. Bathen)

Asta Håberg: Use of amyloid and tau PET-tracers in patients with mild cognitive impairment
Rene Winter: First experience with a radiotherapy tailored imaging setup on the PET/MRI
Bendik Skarre-Abrahamsen: “Correcting” PET attenuation correction with generative adversarial networks

9.50 Updates from Tromsø (Moderator Rune Sundset)

Inigo Zubiavrre Martinez: Introduction
Michel Herranz: “In vivo protocols and pilot studies for immune-PET imaging”
Turid Hellevik: “Exploring the immunogenic potential of radiotherapy in preclinical models”
Ashraful Islam: “Immuno-PET imaging of the tumour-immune landscape using engineered antibody fragments”.

10.30 Short break (Fill coffe and return :-))

10.40 Updates from Bergen (Moderator Tom Christian Holm Adamsen)

Tom Christian Holm Adamsen: «Bottlenecks in PET – Tracer vs. Scanner”
Surprise ala Bergen

11.10 Summary and closure by Live Eikenes


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